Top Hat Tap Dance

Top Hat Tap Dance

Rejected Late-Night Talk Show Monologue Jokes: Green Edition

November 24th, 2009 · 1 Comment · shortform

Hotels are going green to attract more business. Yeah, this it’s already happening — Four Seasons will stop throwing away beds after each use, advice and La Quintas will continue to never wash anything.

Singapore has developed a videogame that engages kids in environmental issues. In the game, information pills players have to protect Singapore against mosquito-like aliens. Kids who aren’t able to beat the game will face the death penalty.

NASA isn’t too happy about all the hysteria the new movie 2012 is drumming up about the end of the world. They’re right: The end of the world will come the day someone cares about NASA.

Anybody into carbon trading? Well, activists say it’s bad for the environment and could even lead to a financial collapse. Great. I guess I’ll just throw all of these receipts out the window on my way home tonight.

There’s a new 11-part nature series on the BBC called “Life” — it’ll be narrated by Oprah Winfrey. Spoiler alert! At the end of the first episode, every lion in the audience gets a free dead zebra.

An airport in England has announced plans to run a bus with a fuel produced from decomposing organic waste. I had no idea Kirstie Alley was overseas.


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  • game writer guy

    laughed out loud at the Oprah joke!

    the carbon joke I had to work at. it’s like a Bob Hope joke! what are you, like, 40?!?

    liked the hotel one too

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