Top Hat Tap Dance

Top Hat Tap Dance

A Personal Injury Lawyer Goes on a Date

June 11th, 2009 · 2 Comments · lists

Creative Commons licensed - by Griff69

Creative Commons licensed - by Griff69

“Hi, misbirth I hope you don’t mind my being forward, but I’d love to get a piece of that asbestos litigation.”

“Waiter, my proteins are undercooked — and these endless breadsticks are going to make me obese.”

“You know, this Vioxx isn’t the only thing making my heart race.”

“Would you like to come up for a cup of very, very hot McDonald’s coffee?”

“Excuse me while I slip and fall into something more comfortable.”

“Oh my, that position is definitely not ergonomically correct.”

“Would you like a cigarette? Just kidding.”

By Chanice Jan and Kristin Hillery

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  • Milton Berle

    That shit’s so funny, I’m going to sue YOU guys because I fell down on the ground when I laughed and broke my COCK OFF!!

  • Katelyn Sack

    Dangerously hilarious and invaluably considered.

    How about: “Baby, you’re so sweet, I’d like to see evidence that you don’t contain lead paint”?

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